Here, where the water flows slow and timeless, one can hear the voice of silence and the steps of life that goes on quietly and happily. In the village of Terras de Bouro, a mountain village, you can find the Termas da Moimenta spa, placed in a peaceful and calm setting, surrounded by amazing landscapes, a space that spells wellbeing and health, with an offer of genuine pleasure assured by unique waters, a stop for rest and meditation. Come and discover the benefits for you and your wellbeing, where people welcome you with a generous soul.

The healing properties of the Termas da Moimenta’s sulfurous waters are known by the village people for several decades.
According to the people, more than 80 years ago, some neighbor girls fell sick with leprosy. In shame, they stopped going to school. In those days, medicines were scarce and the difficulties were plenty, namely going to the doctor. So, the girl’s parents went to the local pharmaceutical for help. Knowing the healing powers of these sulfurous waters, he advised the parents to buy some sulfur and mix it with this water in order to form a pulp and place it over the wounds.
The parents followed the pharmaceutical’s advice and, after several days, the girls ended up getting cured.
Right after buying the terrains where this sulfurous water surged, the new owners started hearing the numerous stories about the waters healing powers and decided to investigate.

First traces of the mineral water

After the first excavations, António Martins found, about 3 meters below the surface, a rock from whose central orifice sprouted the bubbling, so-called healing water. They decided to analyze the water in order to check if the stories and rumors had any foundation. The results of those analysis came to prove that these waters had indeed medicinal properties. Efforts were then undertaken on the part of the promoters to advance the project for the Termas da Moimenta Spa in the village of Terras de Bouro.

Despite the length of the bureaucratic process and several difficulties, they never gave up, and with courage and entrepreneurship spirit, they succeeded into having the ambitious project open its doors on July 5th 2010, after 11 years.

July 5th 2010
July 18th 2018